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Welcome! I’m so happy you stopped by. On this page you can learn all about insightlopedia.life and author Angie Leider (that’s me). I’ll share details about the intent behind insightopedia.life, and some personal information about me. Hopefully after perusing this page you’ll feel like we know each other a little better, and you’ll have a good understanding of what this blog is all about.

Insights about the site

Insight is my theme word. By having insight, you’ve learned something. You’ve reflected. You’ve unearthed a fundamental truth. You see things for what they are. You’re able to use this intuitive understanding to your benefit.

Insightlopedia.life is all about sharing insights that make life better – things I’ve learned on my own or picked up from others. Every one of us has only one life to live on this earth, so why not make it a fantastic one? Sharing these insights is my mission to help make the world a better place.

Insights About Angie

Realigning my priorities helped create a more intentional and purposeful life. Several years ago I made a huge shift in my life because I realized I wasn’t happy. The root cause of my unhappiness was not being authentic. Through a values exercise it came to light that I was not focusing my time and energy on things I wanted to do. My actions and behavior were driven by my perception of what I should do. Change was needed! It was an arduous process that took close to 2 years, and involved a painful divorce. But I’m much better off now! I was amazed at the number of people – close family members, friends, and mere acquaintances – who told me how much happier I looked after this transition.

Living by my values is what makes me happy! Everything I do is by choice, and I choose to do those things because they align with my values. Completing the values exercise was such a powerful experience for me, and it’s something I want to share with others. This is one of the big reasons I started insightlopedia.life. Living by my values is the best insight I’ve learned.

Learning is something I truly enjoy!!! Most of the books on my bookshelf are non-fiction, related to leadership, entrepreneurship, personal growth, and memoirs. The time I spend reading greatly exceeds the time I spend watching TV. I’ve been called a geek many times over, but I don’t care. When visiting a new city I’d rather tour the library than see a show.

Organizing, planning and goal setting are fun activities:) On a weekly basis I devote time to reviewing my task list, organizing files and book notes, and planning what I’ll work on next week. Every month I review my yearly goals, document progress and note where I need to put more focus. This is a big part of living intentionally and I’ll share more tips and tools on the methods I use in upcoming posts.

I’m an introvert, and quite proud of this fact. I have extremely high standards and expectations, for myself and those in my life. I prefer to be subtle not blatant. I strive for mastery. If I’m going to put time into something you can bet I’ll put forth 100% effort, otherwise it’s not worth doing (my Dad taught me that). I’m logical and observant.

My greatest skill is translating things I learn in a specific industry or sector to seemingly unrelated applications. I like to call this “artfully applying scientific solutions”.

My background is my foundation, but I’ll continue building who I am for the rest of my life. True enlightenment is a never-ending process, and I’m completely at ease with that. In every event or situation I look for a takeaway that can help me later in life. Insightlopedia.life is my way of sharing some of this “lessons”.

I live in Raleigh, NC with my boyfriend John. We’re recent transplants, originally from Milwaukee, WI. Yes, we moved to escape the harsh winters. While we’re enjoying the beautiful weather here, and love being halfway between the mountains and the coast, we miss our family and friends tremendously!

My Values

My values help me decide how to spend my time, what goals I want to reach, and how to prioritize things. (Look for upcoming posts going into detail on this.) In order for me to be happy, I need to have a pretty even balance between activities involving each of my core values. The times in my life when I was extremely unhappy, stressed or not feeling myself all had one thing in common: my balance was out of whack.  Here are my core values, in order of priority. (They are color-coded, and you’ll see how this plays into my life planning in future posts.)

  1. John, my wonderful mate / Family / Friends – My relationship with John is the most important thing in my life. We love spending time together talking, playing volleyball and visiting the mountains and the beach. My family and close friends are also high on the list.
  2. Enlightenment – Learning, and then applying what I’ve learned, are the basis of EVERYTHING  I do. I’m constantly looking for insights and trying to better understand people, situations, technology, concepts, anything.
  3. Achievement – To me achievement involves setting goals, and then reaching them! I get the satisfaction of crossing things off my list, and it makes me a better person.
  4. Health & Wellness – Being mentally and physically healthy are necessary for me to be all that I can be! If I’m stressed or not getting enough sleep, it take a toll on my body. This negatively impacts other aspects of my life because it prohibits me from accomplishing goals associated with other core values.
  5. Creativity – My left brain and right brain both need to be flexed, and often! When I’m unable to be truly creative I feel like part of me is locked away. My top creative outlets are making handcrafted greeting cards, writing, journaling, painting, mind-mapping and brainstorming.
  6. Charity – I have an ambitious goal: To help save the world. I regularly volunteer my time and donate money to causes that I care about. We all have the ability to leave the world better off than when we entered; I will surely do that.
  7. Travel & Adventure – There is so much to explore it the world! I love observing cultures and people, viewing the architecture, tasting the food, and learning about the history in new places. I have a very treasured piece of artwork composed of my favorite buildings from various cities I’ve traveled to.
  8. Self-Expression – This is all about me being me, and not worrying what anyone else thinks. Individuality and uniqueness are key here. Although I tend to follow the rules, I’m not a conformist. I would not do well with wearing a uniform or being told “this is what you need to do”.
  9. Financial Security – I’ve never been a stellar saver, even though my Dad was adamant about saving a minimum of 10% of every paycheck. When I went through my divorce I left that relationship with my belongings and a grand total of $5,000 in my checking account. While I had a steady and well-paying job, that was a very uncomfortable time for me. I scrimped and saved, and vowed never to be in that position again. While there is still room to improve, I’m much better with my finances now.

More Fun Facts

  • I love lists!
  • My husbandJohn came up with the name insightlopedia.
  • I willed myself to stop being afraid of spiders.
  • My Kindle’s name is Karl.
  • I’m a mechanical engineer by trade.
  • My hometown is Fond du Lac, WI.
  • I’m enthralled by tattoos – I could look at them for days on end.
  • My favorite color is hot pink.
  • I belong to a fabulous writing circle called The Wordslinging Procrastinators.
  • I’m a fan of P!nk, her lyrics reach my sole.
  • I played competitive sports in college.
  • I’ve binge watched Alias, 24, and Gilmore Girls. GG is my fav, by a landslide!
  • I’ve never eaten a Cinnabon or Krispie Kreme.
  • I’m I-N-T-J according to Meyers-Briggs.
  • My primary Fascination Archetype is “The Royal Guard”.
  • My favorite advice: Be Authentic.
  • My favorite poem: The Thousandth Man by Rudyard Kipling.
  • My favorite move: Goodwill Hunting.
  • My favorite novel: The Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty.
  • My favorite nonfiction book: (hard to choose!) Bury My Heart at Conference Room B by Stan Slap.

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. I only recommend products/books that I have personally used or read, and that I feel will benefit my readers.