Even the Small Steps Count

Even the Small Steps Count

Even the small steps count


I’m not an avid runner by anyone’s standards. Sunday morning, the combination of the sunshine and crisp fall air compelled me to go for a run. Once some of the kinks worked their way out, it actually felt good. I was proud that I got up early and motivated myself to run. It wasn’t my best run, but it was a small step on my path toward physical fitness.

And even the small steps count.

As a side benefit to the cardio, running clears my head. My creative juices were flowing, and I even came up with this blog post while exercising. It helped to kick off a productive day.



Something is Better Than Nothing

From the get-go, I knew this wouldn’t be a long run. It’s been months since I last jogged. My expectations were realistically low. But I laced up my running shoes and out the door I went. My pace wasn’t fast. In fact, I alternated between walking and a slow trot. Even at that slow speed and relatively short distance, I accomplished something.


Not the best, yet better than nothing!
My most recent run stats


Something is better than nothing. This is true of exercise, AND anything worth pursuing in life.

This is the shortest blog post I’ve ever written. But a short & quick post is better than no post.



Eating the Elephant

Whenever my best friend was feeling overwhelmed about anything her dad always used to ask,

“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

To be clear, I don’t advocate eating elephants – I think they’re beautiful, majestic creatures. The point of the saying is that when you have a large obstacle in front of you, the only way to reach your goal is by taking one small “bite” at a time.


One small chunk…


One small piece


One small task…


One small step


In the grand scheme of things, yesterday’s run was one small action that brings me closer to my goal of continued health and wellness. Although I didn’t feel the run itself was any great accomplishment, I kept reminding myself that every step counts, even the small ones.


Call to action

Sometimes major goals seem so large we don’t know where to begin. Repeat after me:


Even the small steps count!

Something is better than nothing!

Something is better than nothing


Your challenge is to identify one small step you can do today that will bring you closer to reaching your goal.

Now go do it!

Please post in the comments what your small step is. Tell people about it (hint, that’s ANOTHER small step toward reaching any goal – talking about it).