Seeking Your Input on Values

Seeking Your Input on Values

Seeking your input on values
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Yep, that’s right. I – the author – am seeking your input on values! This is my first attempt at an interactive post. I’m hoping to get input from no less than 10 people, and as many as will share their suggestions. Since my readership is still small, but hopefully growing, I’m relying on social media (and you) to help spread the word.


Why am I seeking your input on values?

Core values are a passion for me. Obviously! Values are a topic I write about – OFTEN! One of my goals for the year is to create and share a Values Exercise with my readers. This will be a fun activity to help you identify or reaffirm your values. Knowing what your values are, will help guide you through difficult situations in life. You can also make your existence on this earth a more rewarding and fulfilling experience.

As I craft the Values Exercise, I thought it would be helpful to get input from readers on what questions you have and what you might be wondering about these V – A – L – U – E – S thingies.


How can you help?

Quite simply, I’m looking for comments, suggestions or questions you may have related to core values. Identifying values, living by values, the definition of values, anything! All you need to do is share your thoughts and opinions.

Potential topics you can comment on

  • What questions do you have about core values, or a core values exercise?
  • Would you be interested in having a guide to help you identify your core values?
  • What’s your preferred method of instruction? Written text, email, video, infographic, etc?
  • If you’ve completed a values exercise in the past, what improvements would you suggest?
  • Are there others in your life who might be interested in completing the exercise with you, or on their own?
  • What’s a better word for Values?
  • What’s a fun name for a Values Exercise?
  • What general comments, suggestions or thoughts would you like to share related to a core values exercise?


Where can you provide your valuable input?

Remember, I’m seeking your input on values, this isn’t a huge time commitment. In return for your help, I’ll offer you first dibs at trying out the Values Exercise once it’s complete!

It’s up to you at this point if you’d like to make public comments, or if you’d prefer to share something in a more private manner. I will not publish any names on the blog without your prior consent. Here’s how you can share your insights with me.


Three ways you can interact: Seeking your input on values

  1. Use the comments section on this post, found below
  2. Email me at
  3. If we’re connected on LinkedIn you can private message me there


What’s next?

If you share your input, I’ll certainly respond back. Over the next several weeks I’ll be working to craft an interactive and fun Values Exercise. Once I’m ready to pilot a beta version, I’d like to have several people complete the exercise. Based on their feedback I’ll make a few tweaks before sharing with the masses. If you’re interested in volunteering to be one of the first to complete the exercise, let me know when you’re providing your input.


One more thing…seeking your input on values, and others!

Please consider using the buttons to share this post on your social media channels! The more input, and the wider the audience, the better the result will be.

Thank you!!!

2 thoughts on “Seeking Your Input on Values

  1. I will be a volunteer for your exercise. I think we all need to concentrate more on what our values are and how we can share them with others, whether in social life, work or private life.

    • Thanks for volunteering! If you have any additional feedback or suggestions to help guide in development of the exercise please let me know 🙂

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