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Welcome friend!!! Thank you for dropping by my site. Here’s an overview of what you’ll find.

What is

What is, you may ask? It’s a compendium of shared insights that I’ve gathered throughout my life experiences, with the help of many others. Who am I? My name is Angie (King) Leider, and you can read more on the About page. The goal of this blog is to help my readers live a more balanced, happy and fulfilled life. You, me, and everyone else on earth has the opportunity to know the world is better off because of our existence.

My niche is taking industry-specific information and translating it to more common terminology, and then applying those tools, processes or methodologies in unconventional ways. I like to call this “artfully applying scientific solutions”.

Topics posted on

The topics I plan to write about will have a central theme around living a values-based lifestyle, and I’ll explain exactly what this means in future posts. Understanding what your core values are is the initial step. Building your habits and actions around those values will solidify who you are and what you stand for.

Tools & Resources on

Tools and resources will be shared to help you:

  • figure out what your core values are
  • prioritize daily tasks
  • organize your thoughts, ideas and physical papers
  • set, achieve and master your goals
  • understand why you may feel “out of whack” and what to do about it
  • achieve a sense of balance with your life priorities
  • learn from every situation – always
  • make decisions faster and with less regret
  • open your mind to new ways of doing things, or thinking about things
  • reflect – and craft your very own insights
  • feel happy, successful, fulfilled, AND significant!

Above all, this is a place where you can learn:) Thanks for stopping by!